Saturday, October 21, 2017

Haiti - October 21-29, 2017

October 22, 2017

Hello, everyone! We had a great first full day in country, and feel ready to hit the ground running tomorrow. We went to church at St Marc this morning, and were treated to some ice cream afterward.

Tomorrow starts out student photo jobs, and we are ready to go after breaking down the process and walking through the stations tonight.  We're well-rested after having time to nap and explore the beach this afternoon. We also spent time today prepping our crafts and stations for the big VBS planned at the end of this week.

Please pray as we begin photographing all 2,035 students, that we will hear God's still, small voice and the leading of His Spirit.

October 24, 2017

Hello! Everyone here is well, and our week has already been full of adventure...

Monday: We started the day at our Chardene school and photographed students from PreK through 7th grades. Then we made our way to the Saint Marc school and photographed students in PreK through 12th grades. It was a bit chaotic with many team members and many students in a small space, but we quickly learned to work together well. Overall, our two main photographers took about 2,080 photos of 630 students in six hours of work time! Amazing!

Tuesday: We had quite a hike up and down the mountain to our Dupin school. While we were able to photograph all the students (grades PreK through 6th) in less than 90 minutes, we hiked a total of 195 minutes to make it happen! We had some difficult times and some amazing times during those hikes, We experienced God today - and He is good!

October 25,  2017

Oh, what a day!! We started close to home by photographing all the students at MPCA primary and secondary schools, then took a short trip back to Chardene to photograph all the secondary students there. It was a very hot and busy day!!

It feels fantastic here at the mission center tonight as a cool front rolls in and a strong breeze refreshes our bodies and spirits.

October 26, 2017

This is the day that the Lord has made!! We were excited to visit LaHatte today, and HOT it was!! After the usual carnival-ride-like trip to get there, we spent the morning photographing some of our favorite kiddos in the desert. Afterwards, we took a walk through the village to see some homes, including Pastor Osman's new home, which is still in progress.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and cooling down, then enjoyed time with four pastors who shared their hearts with us here at the mission center.

October 27, 2017

We finished the official work we came to Haiti to do - photographing over 2,000 students, their teachers, and classes. It was Degeance day, which is always a favorite. After photos, we hiked through the area to pray over the community and the new facilities. It was great to see first-hand the work the is being done there (today they were leveling the ground - not a small project!).

After returning to the mission center, Kimberlie and Steven traveled to Saint Marc to meet with the family of an MP student who died a few weeks again. We heard the details and prayed with the girl's grandmother, and were moved by how we saw God in the story.

October 28, 2017

Today was a good day! We spent most of the day putting on our one-day VBS program at MPCA school, where a total of 319 kids (ages 5 to 14) had fun, had their bellies fed, and heard the Good News of Jesus Christ!

After getting home at dinner time and eating spaghetti for our last supper, we had a practice session for our Creole worship song in church tomorrow morning, and spent time and money with some Haitian vendors who visited the mission center.

Tomorrow, we will be attending church at MPCA then heading to the airport and home. Please pray that Steven's message at church would move the congregation closer to Christ, that our song would glorify God, and for safe travels for all of us.