Friday, February 27, 2015

Haiti - Feb 7-14, 2015

Sunday February 8, 2015

We all got an early start to the day and experienced a Haitian Church service in St. Marc. One of our own, Lynn preached the message on Galatians chapter one and two. After the service we enjoyed fellowship with the local people. The congregation graciously provided us with cold Coke and Pepsi after church, which was very much appreciated


What a glorious start of our week!  A team went to Chardene to provide physicals to the girls of the school. Just under 200 hundred girls were given eye screenings, physical check ups, ear washing as needed and the same with medication.

The ladies from Lanzac for sewing class are back. Thirty four in attendance, some from last year have returned and brought friends. Liane, Elaine, and Linda from our team were delighted to witness the ladies as they helped each other on their quilt projects and enjoy their time together. 
Yesterday as some of the Haitian leaders of the Mission Possible schools as well as pastors joined forces with the men of our construction crew to  begin the building of desks.  After a wonderful time of song and prayer the men from our team began instructing the leaders in the use of power tools such has a drill press, chop saw, and grinders.


The medical teams are flourishing with exhaustive preparation and remarkable data entry. This information is invaluable. Pam's groups are seeing the majority of students that are enrolled at each school. Today the medical team went to Degeance and examined 88 preschool through grade 6 - just girls!

The sewing team had another huge day at the Mission Center, There were 35 women working on their projects today under Liane's tutelage. The excitement from those projects is contagious. These women are so proud of what they are learning and accomplishing.

The construction projects have been truly groundbreaking this year. The mission groups have been accustomed to coming down and doing project after project without too much thought about long-term hand-offs. This has changed! Starting this year, we have been directed to start teaching certain school and church leaders how to do what we do. We are teaching wood working, welding, grinding, painting, has been such a blessing!

The final blessing to mention is the marriage class taught by Lynn and Liane. It is titled; Foundations of Stable and Happy Homes. It is heartwarming to see many of the familiar faces we interact with through the years sitting with their spouse and honoring them by being a part of something bigger and better than themselves. 


We had another very productive day here in Haiti.  The medical team went to St. Marc school.  117 students, preschool through 9th grade were seen.  Several went to LaHatte to start up the sewing project with the women there. One of the amazing things about the sewing class today, was we had just enough sewing kits for the women attending the class.  God is truly providing!

There were several continuing to work on the student desks and cabinets today.  Progress is going very well!  It is so exciting to see the Haitians as they are hard workers and becoming more efficient in their new skills.

Lynn and Liane continued with another marriage class today.  They both are very encouraged as the couples are interacting well together.


The Mission Center was a hub of activity today.  In the sewing class, the highlight was when a few ladies were able to use the sewing machine.  Cindy received a quick Creole lesson in how to say “slow down”.  The construction team was working like a machine.  While the finishers sang songs of praise the desk tops, seats, and desk storage cabinets were getting a coating of finish.  There was a lot being built this week but nothing tops the working relationships that were built.