Friday, December 12, 2014

Haiti Pastors Seminar - December 2, 2014

Today is the first day of the pastors seminar. See here the hundreds of pastors singing and praising God.  We are excited to see God move this week.
Day 2 of the pastors seminar.  Pastors Danny and Franklin have been doing a great job leading the seminar.

Today was the last day and the closing ceremonies for the pastors seminar.  All the pastors prayed over us and thanked us for coming.  It was truly a humbling experience.

Haiti Picture Team - November 29, 2014

On Monday we hiked up to Dupin for our first set of photos.  The school looked great and the kids were very friendly.  Later in the afternoon we took photos of high school students at Chardene Secondary.  Overall it was a very productive day. 

Today went for another hike only this time up to Degeance.  Photos went well there too.  It was fun watching the kids play and seeing their village. After lunch we drove down to MPCA to photograph their high school students.  Before we started, Joe and Tom enjoyed a quick game of soccer with the Haitian.  They both agreed the Haitians were very good for their age (Tom would like to recruit them for back in Ohio).  Teresa, Sandy, Jean, and Darren cheered them on. 

Today we traveled up to Chardene to take pictures of the primary students.  Also, Teresa and Jean were able to see their sponsor children.  After the photos we were able to play and sing songs with the students.

Today we took on MPCA Primary, our largest school with nearly 450 students.  Things went smooth though and we will be going back to MPCA tomorrow to get a few absent student pictures.

We finished up our pictures in the morning then traveled up to Lahatte, our poorest school.  It's eye opening seeing the school and village.  We all leave humbled and changed.