Sunday, August 6, 2017

Haiti - August 6-12, 2017

We are a small team, just Pam and Deb, but God is helping us to get a lot accomplished. We arrived on Monday after spending the night at Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Our plane from Detroit was delayed, which prevented us from staying in a Ft. Lauderdale hotel as originally planned. Pastor Herve traveled with us. Monday afternoon, we met with the Community Agents and discussed what we would be doing for the week. It has been great being with them again.

On Tuesday, we hiked to Dupin and St. Marc in the morning to get the Community Agents' supplies stocked for the upcoming school year. On the way to Dupin, we stopped at the house where the baby had been born during our February trip. The baby is now around six months old and her name is Olencia. It was so much fun to see this mama and baby again. She is doing very well, as you can see in the picture below.

In the afternoon, the Agents came and began to work on their capstone projects. In May, they chose topics, and they are now putting them together on tri-fold boards to present in November. On Friday this week, Pam and I will get a preview of how they are coming along. We've posted a few pictures showing them at work on their projects. The blood pressure clinic was Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Pam held a Lifestraw seminar and every school was represented. Deb went to Degeance and MPCA to restock supplies for those schools.

We are having a great time putting into practice the Creole lessons that we have been taking in the US from Hachemy. Hachemy would be proud of us I'm sure. Anite, the Community Agents, and our translators, Carter and Evans, are enjoying our broken Creole and have been a great help.

Thank you for your prayers!