Saturday, October 15, 2016

Haiti - October 8-15, 2016

October 9, 2016

Greetings from Haiti! The photo team arrived in good time yesterday with no major hiccups. Flights were relatively smooth and the team members who came from five different locations are now getting to know one another and working as a unit.

We who have stayed at the Mission Center before have noticed a few landscape modifications compliments of Hurricane Matthew... the yard that had been dirt and rock covered is now covered in a deep layer of sand. The stone benches have their stubby legs exposed as the dirt around them was washed away. The pier we love so much has gotten much shorter as a large section was broken off or washed away. Since the island received a fierce washing, all the ground and foliage are much greener than usual. And since the rain washed all the trash into ditches and waterways, the city streets are actually much cleaner (at the expense of the water supply, unfortunately!). We do think that the cities, while still crowded and busy, have had far fewer people in them this weekend.

We attended St Marc church this morning- the first service after the hurricane. It was sorrowful to hear the weeping from those who experienced loss, but also uplifting to see the desperate faith and reliance on God from the people there. Tom, from our team, gave a testimony that was well received.

October 11 and 12, 2016

We've had a really busy couple of days here in Haiti! Just yesterday, our photographers took over 1,800 pictures of students and teachers and classes at two different schools! I haven't counted yet today, but the number will be big since we worked at two different schools again!

Our team is working hard and getting along well. We have settled into a fast-paced rhythm that helps us accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. On Tuesday we worked at Lanzac then Chardene, and today at Dupin then Saint Marc. Whew! Tomorrow will be a little easier, traveling to spend time with students in LaHatte, then at MPCA Secondary school.

We've had some beautiful sunsets here, and the one tonight was even more special as Tom and Laurie renewed their wedding vows on the beach to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Pastors Herve, Jean Michel, and Emmanus joined us to officiate the ceremony.

October 14, 2016

What a day we have had! We started out with plans to photograph students at two different schools. At LaHatte, is was even hotter than usual, but we feel it was worth it for time with some of our favorite kiddos there! On the way back out, driving through what is usually a dry riverbed, our big red truck got stuck in the mud left from last night's rain. We're grateful our American and Haitian guys were able to use sticks and knives to fill in the muddy ruts with dry dirt then push the truck free.

Because the truck had no cover and the sun was so hot, some of our team were feeling overheated. When the truck then broke down on the highway back to the mission center, we were grateful for a random concrete wall that gave us shade while we waited on the side of the road for Pastor Herve to pick us up with another truck. 

We decided to skip our second school and came back to the center for cold sodas and naps instead! We've all felt better since supper, and are now watching another storm move in over the ocean. The cool air blowing through the cabana is a huge relief!