Friday, February 5, 2016

Haiti, Feb 5-12, 2016

February 6, 2016

Today the construction team worked on a playground for the Lanzac school. The team broke up into teams each working on sections of the project. They built swings, monkey bars, and teeter totters. The children came for moral support and enjoyed the job of testing out the equipment. The squeals of joy coming from the children made the day worth all the tireless work of gathering supplies, making plans, and doing the construction. Everything is much more difficult here and nothing is taken for granted. The Lord loves these Haitian children and these children see it in the way Mission Possible sacrificially serves their needs which includes their physical, spiritual,educational and even their need to play. Happy children are well loved. And the team enjoyed joining the work of love.

The Medical team went to the rice fields north of St. Marc. We were in awe of the sun glistening off the bright green blades of the rice plants. We came to a small village where there was a church. The medical team came in, moved benches and made a waiting room, in take room, examining room, a lab, a pharmacy, and outside the church we had an eye clinic. Of course the medical team had to be resourceful. The people were beautiful. We heard the most beautiful worship coming from voices of thankful Haitian people as the welcomed us with a song. We we were beyond moved. We saw around 168 patients in seven hours. The Hygiene kits were so needed.  I wish all those hands who put those kits together, could see the depth of gratitude witnessed in these women's eyes.  

February 7, 2016

Our day began with an amazing worship service at Degeance school--two languages but united as brothers and sisters in Christ. After worship, we held a medical clinic for the community. There were no construction projects on this day of rest, but stay tuned for more construction updates.

The Pharmacists are ready to serve the drugs!

Many patients were examined and treated today!

Reading eyeglasses were very popular!

Very patient patients as they wait in a long line for the clinic.

Day two of medical clinic completed!

February 8, 2016

A new day dawned hot and sunny here in Haiti. With this new day came a lot of productivity. But, first, we neglected to write about yesterday's sewing project. After the inspiring church service and during the medical clinic, Liane, Jodi, Bev, and Julie helped the local women sew hot pads. Today, the sewing continued at the Mission Center with local women using looms to make more rugs with strips of t-shirt material. The construction crew had three projects today: more work on the playground as well as reinforcing some roof beams at MPACA, and varnishing table tops at the Mission Center.  The medical team went to Chardene. We had a good reminder of the easy access to medical care that we have in the US as we saw some difficult patient cases that need treatment (e.g. surgery) beyond what we could provide. Despite these cases, we were able to help many more people with medicine and treatments (including opening the suture kit).

Old t-shirts turning into a useful rug!

After a diligent search, no bats were found!

Jodi can do construction, too!

Finishing the monkey bars!

Nursing assessment is the first stop at the clinic.

The providers (Scott, Belinda, and Andrea) hard at work

Bev loving on the children!

February 9, 2016

The sewing team went to Degeance and celebrated all their accomplishments.  The ladies received certificates for completion of their work. They were delighted!  The construction team went to Chardene today for the first phase (digging lots of BIG holes) of the playground project there.  After the holes were dug, the posts were set in the cement.  Jodi and Bev stayed at the Mission Center and assembled teachers' desks. Hannah and Rachel organized all the donated school supplies. The medical team went to Dupin for the day. They were so excited to see the school after their sweat-drenching hike to get there. It was a busy day with many, many patients.

We don't know who is more excited--Liane or the sewing students.

Rich takes a break from construction to be an eye doctor for the day.

Barb has found a new career--lab technician.

Julie is always willing to lend a helping hand.

A precious moment from today--a visit with their sponsored children.

February 10, 2016

Today was a beautiful day here in Haiti. A four person construction crew went to Chardene to start the second playground, finishing quickly and making it back just in time for lunch. While the teams were out, some stayed behind to take inventory before heading home here in a couple days. Bev and Liane finished up another sewing class with the ladies of Lanzac. Because the crew at Chardene finished early, they started working on some school desks. The team cut the desktops out, welded the frames, and finished it all off by staining the wood and painting the frames. 

Medical team drove a little over an hour up to LaHatte today to run another community clinic. John and Bud repaired desks and dug out water lines to the cistern while Josh ran the glasses department. The medical team saw many children today and had to chase some persistent chickens and their chicks out of the medical clinic. 

The Birthday guy, Greg, is already hard at work in the early morning.

The medical team rides in style.

Just one of the many children that came today.

Jean at the beach....painting not sunbathing!

The women were so proud to get their certificates of completion for the sewing classes.

February 11, 2016

Our week in Haiti has come to an end. We have had a long day of finishing projects, packing up, and a last medical clinic at MPCA. We enjoyed fellowship with our Haitian brothers and sisters as they made us a delicious Haitian lunch and then the school board/local pastors joined us for our last dinner together. We are now tired and ready to return home to greet all our loved ones. We want to thank all of you for your prayers through this week.